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“There are only three men in my life that have made me feel absolutely beautiful and Mark Anderson (Atlanta Boudoir Photographer) is one of them! Thank you so much Mark for reminding me what all women should know about themselves – we are all beautiful! You have a unique ability to capture individual style and radiance. You give your clients time . . . you listen and look with attentive ear and eye and as a result, you capture our story. What a gift!”


“My feelings about the session honestly can’t put it into words.  I have always had a reasonable amount of self confidence, but also have been self critical of my body shape and size, especially as I have gotten older.   However, the entire mood/feeling/experience/ambiance of the whole photo shoot made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.  It was empowering, relaxing, joyful, exhilarating, and exciting!  I would recommend this to any woman who wants to do something not just for someone else, but for her SELF.”

“Lisa (MUA) was AMAZING!  I am in the makeup industry, so I’m not easily impressed, but I did want the full effect and experience of this photo shoot.  She was so sweet, personal, and funny!  When I go back for another shoot, I want Lisa to do my makeup again!”

“This EXPERIENCE is the best gift someone can have for her SELF, not to mention the amazingly beautiful photos as a gift for someone else!   When I looked at my proofs after Mark  had done some minor photo editing, I knew THIS must be how my boyfriend sees me.  As a woman, I immediately see all my flaws.  Now I see what the man who loves me sees…and I love it!”

Mary W.

“Communication before the session was excellent. I highly recommend a one on one consultation with Mark if you can. During the shoot I felt that Mark took his lead from me. I never felt pushed or pressured. The studio is like being in your own home – it’s inviting and comfortable. The “dressing area” is every woman’s dream come true… great lighting, places for hangers, and shoes, and clothes. You can just sort of “blow up” in there. It was a bit like playing dress up.
I was skeptical about using a makeup artist, but it was wonderful! Lisa helped me get over (my nerves) – she reminded me of a dorm mother! She is wonderful!
I loved the way I felt during and after the shoot.  There is a definite difference in being looked at by an artist versus a man who is sizing you up.  Mark looks at you and sees what is beautiful – angles, shadows, shapes, curves.  He sees the beauty that we ourselves don’t see.  He made me feel beautiful for the first time in my life. Then somehow he managed to put that on paper. To see yourself like that is a very empowering experience.  The boudoir photos are fun, but it was the artistic nudes (which I didn’t think I even wanted) that took my breath away.
My least favorite part was finding out the nudes would be done first. But what I thought was the ‘least favorite’ part turned out to be the best way to do it. Mark was so professional and personable that before I knew it I wasn’t even using a robe anymore.  It was like a huge weight had been lifted. I didn’t spend the entire three hours worrying about ‘getting naked’. It was really no big deal at all.
I do not have one regret! I would do it again for any reason I could think of.”

Sherry S.

“This experience was excellent from start to finish.  Mark listened to what I wanted from the shoot, and he kept that in mind during the shoot.  He took my ideas, shot them, and then, he made suggestions to make a better photo. Mark put me at ease during the shoot. This was my first time posing nude, and Mark helped calm my nerves. He coached me on how to get the best shots for my project.  He remained professional during the entire shoot, and by the end, I had forgotten that I was nude. I liked how comfortable I felt during the shoot. At the end, it actually felt a little weird to have clothes on in front of Mark.  The selection process was easy as well…well, it was a little hard to select the pictures because Mark did such a great job. Overall, the experience was better than I imagined it would be. I can’t wait to see the book!”

Mr. J. P.

“(Couples Session) The communications prior to the session were thorough and answered every question I had. The studio is a large studio and I liked the different rooms/sets. Seeing the images as they are taken gives good feedback for other shots. But the skill and experience of the photographer is what makes the pictures… we could sense Mark’s talent from the first shot. We loved it… I’ll be doing it again soon!”


“What I would tell others? Simply to get ready for a great experience and that they will be very pleased with Mark and the pictures that he can pull out of you.”

Keith P.

“The Photographer made me feel completely at ease and the studio provided everything I needed or could possibility want! Mark relaxed my mind so my body would exude beauty. I was a little nervous at first, however after a few frames I felt completely at home! Everyone should have this experience at least once! Do it! You only live once, capture your memories so you can cherish them forever!”


“I liked how comfortable Mark made my fiancé feel. He was a little uncomfortable at first when we started taking some of the risqué photos, but Mark’s level of professionalism put him at ease quickly.

We have already recommended Casual Elegance to three of our friends as well as my in laws.

We were very happy with Casual Elegance. once we got our passwords to look at our pictures, we were amazed at how good they turned out. Mark captured everything that we wanted him to during this shoot. He made us look intimate and not trashy. He listened to our ideas and made us feel welcome and comfortable. We will definitely be coming back for more pictures.”


“My art nude portrait session was the best thing I have ever done for myself!  It was a very positive and empowering experience.  Mark (Atlanta Boudoir Photographer) was a consummate professional who made me feel comfortable right away.  He was very personable and worked with me to get the images I wanted.  I looked and felt beautiful!  Thank you for the best 40th birthday present ever!!”

Laura K.

“Mark and the make up artist both helped to keep me calm and make me feel relaxed and beautiful throughout the shoot, they were both amazing. My experience here at Casual Elegance was amazing! When we got the proofs, I was going through them and saying I want to look like her, wait that’s me. Mark made me feel so at ease, I can’t believe that I actually did the shoot.”

Kristi S.

“We are a couple in our 40’s who were looking for a fun and slightly erotic (but not pornographic) experience we could do together. In all of our preliminary discussions with Mark (Atlanta Boudoir Photographer), he was very friendly and professional. He immediately put us at ease as the session began and really tried to translate our personalities and relationship into the poses he suggested. We really had a fun time. The immediate computer feedback from his digital camera helped us to see what he saw and made us realize that we would look good in the shots. What resulted was a large selection of very tasteful and beautiful photos. We had such a hard time narrowing down the selections that we decided to order extras. He was able to get some beautiful shots from this shy, conservative couple.”


“Mark (Atlanta Boudoir Photographer) makes you feel comfortable and is creative.  He has a special gift of capturing your body in the best light and at the best angles for you.  He does not push you to do anything you are not comfortable with, has ideas that expand upon what you want, and his sense of humor keeps the session fun and friendly.”


“I had the most amazing experience of my life there at Casual Elegance Photography. The atmosphere was professional yet relaxed and I felt like a princess! I am definitely going to recommend you to all of my friends!”


“I was amazed at how the photos turned out. I wanted to look sexy and I did! I would recommend that all women try a sexy photo session. It is powerful to see that you too can look like a sexy model. Mark (Atlanta Boudoir Photographer) is great at making you feel at ease the minute you walk in the door. He is patient and works very hard to get the sexy look from you. He is very professional and the photos prove it.  You see a  result of excellent makeup plus his magic touch with lighting and angles. I was amazed at how I looked. With the right lights, angle and makeup anything is possible. Lisa (MUA) was very friendly and helped to calm my nerves. The makeup she did was beautiful. I was glad I had Lisa there for the full session. During the shoot she touched up my makeup and continued to remind me how to get that sexy look. She was great!
The whole sessions was fun. I felt sexy and young again. Never did I feel awkward. It was a fun, light atmosphere that I really enjoyed. I am so glad I did this session. It was so much fun that I want to do it again.”


“Mark was outstanding. When I was trying to select a studio, Mark was the only photographer that answered questions via email or telephone. This along with his website helped me determine that his studio was the one to go with. Mark and Lisa made sure I was as comfortable as possible in order to enjoy my shoot.  Lisa stayed longer than she normally does to ensure my makeup was good and to keep me at ease during the shoot.  I’m a beginner photographer and Mark discussed photography as a way to help me relax during the shoot.  He gives you suggestions that help your pictures come out better.  After the photo session was completed, he took me into the office and explained in detail the next steps and answered any other questions I had.  Mark worked overtime prior to his vacation to edit my pics and send them to the lab prior to his departure. The experience was great! I loved it!  I look at my pictures daily.  I love the unedited ones as well. After reviewing the unedited pictures, I ordered almost all the shots on a disk in addition to the package that I had previously selected.  Mark and Lisa did a really great job.  It is an experience that I would recommend to all women.  There is no need to worry about love handles or blemishes because Mark will make you beautiful. This photo session was a treat to myself and I loved it so much, I will do it again.”

Danielle A.

The shoot was a feeling of total comfort.  I was a first timer for professional make up and photography and I was nervous.  My nerves went out the window shortly after Lisa started on my make up and I almost hated to leave as I was enjoying the session so much!  Mark, you made me feel so comfortable and the way you expressed yourself when you got what you thought was the best shot made me feel anxious to look at the photo and ever so grateful.

If you want quality and professionalism, a man behind the camera who can see things in you that even you cannot, a make up person who will make you look and FEEL like a glamour queen, excellent pricing and absolute value for your money, an atmosphere that is casual and comfortable, and a photo session that will end up being a gift to YOU and not just for someone you love, THIS is the place to go!

Barbara L.

I have never experienced such immediate and thorough communication from someone whom I was soliciting a service. Mark is very sensitive to the fact that this can (potentially) be an uncomfortable situation, especially since he is male.  I also appreciated being able to see how the pictures were turning out as he was taking them.  It gave me more confidence in his abilities and to know what I was getting. Considering I went way out of my comfort zone to make a boudoir photo book for my fiance, I was very surprised at the results and how comfortable I ended up being during the shoot.   Mark does a great job of trying to make sure you get the pictures you imagine.  He is willing to take suggestions and gives you every opportunity to have input in the session.

Ashley C.

I was very nervous but Mark (Atlanta Boudoir Photographer) was extremely professional and made me feel comfortable.  After a few minutes I was able to relax and have fun.  The lighting and technology are state of the art.  The studio was just right for what I wanted. Lisa was great – my makeup looked flawless… still me, but with the WOW factor!  I was so nervous the night before, that I had bags under my eyes!!  Lisa is VERY talented 🙂 The images are absolutely beautiful.  Better than I expected – sexy and classic.  My fiancé is going to die!!!! Mark has a great eye for the end result. He knows what he’s doing and the poses came out great! Overall it was an incredible experience.  I started this as a gift for my fiancé but it turns out that it was amazing for me as well.  Mark is wonderful and his photography speaks for itself.  Every woman should do this, not only for her partner – but for herself! It makes you feel sexy, beautiful and empowered.  Mark is an amazing photographer and you will not be disappointed.

(name withheld by request)

My experience with Casual Elegance was really beyond what I expected. Mark (Atlanta Boudoir Photographer) prepared me ahead of time so I knew what to expect and felt comfortable with the process.  When I walked in the door, I was immediately put at ease.    Mark worked very hard to get beautiful shots even though I was nervous and somewhat stiff!  Lisa did an awesome job on my makeup and was a great cheerleader throughout the entire session.  I can’t say enough good things about my whole experience.  Hands down this will be the best  Christmas present I ever give my husband!

Shelly M.

What an invigorating experience! I am a mom who was looking for a photographer to take classy lingerie photos of me for my husband as a Christmas present. I found several photographers, but wanted a professional. I was impressed with Mark’s website, his referrals and in speaking with Mark on the phone. My session was AMAZING!! My pictures are way more than what I expected and I am so pleased. My husband will love them. I think I need to book a Pin Up session with Mark next time around. Best of all, you can trust Mark.

Taffi P.

As a girl with curves, I was so nervous about my session.  Prior to the date I sent Mark shots that I wanted to try and he was very receptive.  I was still nervous at arrival.  Once we talked for a bit and Lisa (Who is awesome!!) started my make up I was a lot more comfortable.  Mark and Lisa made me feel like a supermodel!!  I am overjoyed with the pictures.  My husband will be floored when he sees them.  The pictures look like pages straight from Playboy. I am still amazed that it’s me in the pictures!!  When I left, I was already thinking about when I could book another session!!  Thank you!!

Tammy H.

Mark, thank you so much for an amazing photo shoot on Friday!  I had been searching for the perfect boudoir photographer since early January, and I am sooooo happy that I found you.  Initially, this was a gift for my husband, but I have found that it was a great gift to myself as well.  While our marriage of 5 years is great, I think this gift will push us into a new realm of bliss.  It’s funny how something like “pictures” can say so much.  I know my husband will be happy with the statment that they make 🙂  I am sad that the photo shoot is over because I spent so much time looking forward to it!  It was a HUGE confidence builder and an experience I would suggest to every woman. I will be sure to tell all about your God Given Talent!  Boudoir photography was something I had never really thought to do, but this will be the best anniversary gift ever for my husband!  I wanted to make sure that I could find someone to take beautiful, tasteful, professional photos of a wife and mother.  Mark exceeded my expectations by far!  Mark is professional and has a gift for raising your comfort level and allow your natural beauty to shine through.   My pictures look AMAZING and I am counting the days to present my husband with this gift that will take his breath away.

Tara B.

I had the most amazing experience of my life there at Casual Elegance Photography. The atmosphere was professional yet relaxed and I felt like a princess! I am definitely going to recommend you to all of my friends!

Susan C

I wanted to take these pictures as a present for my husband, but ended up getting so much more!  Mark and Lisa were excellent! They were both extremely professional, but in the most friendly manner! The whole session was like a little treat to myself!  I was extremely nervous at first, but after getting my makeup done and with Mark’s expertise, I left the studio with more confidence than I’ve had in years.  By the end of the shoot I was walking around practically naked without a care in the world!  haha. I just saw the final proofs and cannot believe my eyes! I really didn’t know what to expect, but what I got was amazing! My husband is going to absolutely love seeing his wife as a work of art!

Joanne P.

It was an absolutely amazing experience. It was exhilarating and found it made me feel like a completely different person! I have more confidence about my body and I’ll treasure the pictures that were made forever. This will be the perfect gift for my fiancé and I know he will love them too! Mark and Lisa were both wonderful to work with and I will definitely be using them again in the future. Thanks!!

Kristie C.

This was a gift for my fiancé for our wedding, as an added bonus Mark made me feel like a supermodel! I had never done anything like this before and he made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after our session.It was very fun! All of the pictures turned out so wonderful… I would highly recommend Mark to anyone interested in a photo shoot.

R.S Smyrna GA

After losing 111 lbs I wanted to give my husband an awesome Valentine’s Day gift. Mark and Lisa helped make that gift possible. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I look at the pictures and just can not believe that’s really me. The experience gave me new found confidence. I can see myself in a whole different light now and its a wonderful feeling. Thank You

Devon Z

I wanted to give my husband a special gift of a boudoir photography book of me (we had our 1st baby a year life has changed dramatically for us).  I’ve been exercising like crazy & decided boudoir photography would make a fun gift for him! I have never done anything like this & was very nervous.  Mark was the consummate professional & immediately put me at ease.  His studio was far more than I imagined…the latest & greatest in technology & offered a very professional photography studio atmosphere.  The photos turned out beautiful.  I walked into the studio as me, & walked out feeling like a movie star.  Thank you Mark!

Debbie S.


My first experience with a professional photographer and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Mark is a real pro who makes you feel comfortable from the first minute you walk through his front door. Very pleased with the results and look forward to additional sessions in the future, both on site and off-site.

Patsy S.

This was something I decided to do as a gift, and later I decided it was really a gift to myself! The session was wonderful and quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I felt on top of the world when I left the studio. It took me way out of my comfort zone, but the way everything was done and handled made me feel more at ease. I already think I would go back and do it again! The photos are amazing quality and show the high skill of the photographer. I didn’t mind paying for the good quality (You get what you pay for!)

(name withheld by request)

My husband was mesmerized by the photos! I could not believe that after 29 years he still finds me attractive and fascinating. Mark and Lisa helped me find the courage to believe in myself and say through photos, “I… Am… Simply… Beautiful!”

Laurette V.

Mark made me look absolutely gorgeous. The shoot was extremely professional and Mark gave me great direction!

Kristie P

I truly appreciate you working to set up a time (for the shoot) that was convenient for me.  You and Lisa (Makeup Artist) made me feel very comfortable.  I was treated like I was top model for a day and that felt great!  Lisa was great – she had such a great personality and after I saw myself in the pictures I couldn’t believe it was me!  My eyes were beautiful!  My husband and I were so pleased!  We’re already thinking of some different poses we could do next time.  I think our game plan before the shoot was right on target, and during the shoot I never dreamed I could look so erotic and beautiful!!!  What I liked most was that I felt so special.  What I liked least was that I couldn’t come back tomorrow.  I am so pleased with the whole experience and I think your skills as a photographer are excellent.  My husband and I could not be more pleased.  I know it’s me, but damn I look good!

Kathy B.

Mark did everything possibly to make me comfortable.  You don’t have to be a supermodel to to feel good about yourself during one of his photoshoots.  Mark  was great and very professional.  He made me feel great during the shoot and about myself. Kat (Makeup Artist) was awesome. Would recommend her anytime. The pictures exceeded my expectations.


My experience with Mark is one I will never forget.  It was more than I (or my husband, once he saw the shots) could have even thought about.  The whole shoot was totally fun and comfortable.  Having never done anything like this before, of course I was nervous at first, but after seeing the images coming together so awesome it was just the best!  Mark has great insight on poses, angles, and lighting.  The makeup artist (Lisa) was more than I could have imagined.  It gave me a totally different look and worked perfectly with every style change.  In my opinion, to feel good about yourself, and have great shots that make you completely over it’s priceless.  I’m beyond satisfied with the images.  I have looked them over and over and still al like “That’s me!”

Wendy R.

Mark and Lisa were awesome! While nudity is not an issue for me, it still made me nervous but Mark and Lisa made me so comfortable I forgot I was nude!!  Lisa did a killer job on my makeup and although I thought it was drastic, it showed up beautifully in the photos, she really knows what she is doing! I rarely have pictures of me taken that I like so I was concerned that my not being photogenic would come through in these photos.  NOT. Mark knows how to shoot a photo!


PLEASE CHOOSE MARK!!! He is so professional and makes you feel so beautiful from the time you walk in the door. His and Lisa’s tips and tricks are amazing and will definitely benefit you in the modelling field. The comfortable atmosphere and organization of the experience was worth every penny!! Trust me, you’ll love what you see….I can’t wait to go back!!!

Ashley B. (Macon)

Mark, I love the pictures! Awesome! More than meet my expectations!  I liked seeing how everything worked, the photographer’s obvious passion and knowledge for what he does. I thought it was great!

Katherine T

The overall experience of working with Mark Anderson was outstanding! He is a patient, creative, and stellar photographer. The studio is fully equipped to accommodate any need – even down to a thread and a needle, which I needed! It was a great experience, I was so glad to have the opportunity to work with you again!


Communications before the session was very professional, responsive and informative.  I got all of my questions answered and felt well prepared.  During the session I was very nervous at first but quickly relaxed.  Mark and Lisa (MUA) were very understanding and put me at ease.  They were both professional and friendly.  Mark know what I wanted and did a great job. He was easy to work with and very committed to capturing the perfect shot each time.  He was also very patient with me. The studio had an informal and relaxed atmosphere, no pretension.  It was also very private so I felt comfortable during the shoot.  I was pleasantly surprised by the images, I didn’t think I could look so good.  All were very appropriate and consistent with what I wanted.  It was a fun session.  The overall experience was very professional, creative, and inspiring.  Mark definitely has a passion for his work.


I felt completely comfortable as soon as I walked through the door.  The studio was neat, clean, organized and had everything you could think of.  I absolutely loved the shots and it was hard to choose which ones I wanted because all of them looked great.  Thanks Mark!  I would definitely come back again and again.

Sarah O.

The communications with Mark prior to the session were excellent.  The photoshoot was absolutely professional and there wasn’t a moment that I felt nervous or uncomfortable in his studio.  I had fun doing something that many people would shy away from or be uptight about.

Laura W.

The before the shoot communications were very informative.  The suggestions were very helpful and any questions I asked were answered completely.  During the session I never felt in any way uncomfortable, and never rushed.  The studio was very professionally set up and anything you could possibly need or may have forgotten to bring was available.  Lisa (MUA) was excellent.  I only wish she was in my area.  My expectations were exceeded.  The quality of the images are incredible — the lighting, the editing, the technique and also the direction given to me on how to pose, etc. was invaluable.  Even I don’t see how your camera lenses did not melt (me, who is picky).  Absolutely perfect and very tasteful – your work is something else.   What I liked most was the comfortableness of the actual session and the fact that the time was mine.  You never hurried me along.  You were very patient.  What can you do to improve?  Move to Mobile so I won’t have so far to travel next time I want professional photographs taken!

Vickie L (Mobile AL)

Mark did an excellent job answering my initial questions over the phone, but he did an even better job listening to what I wanted, and what I had in mind, then giving me his thoughts and ideas.  Mark made me feel comfortable immediately.  I was particularly impressed with his professionalism both during my initial consultation and especially during the shoot.  The studio provides a great, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, and I felt that every possible step was taken to ensure comfort during the shoot.  The studio is very versatile, clean, yet intimate and inviting.  I was able to relax and have fun.  Lisa (MUA) did an incredible job.  I enjoyed her expert opinions and the help she provided to Mark as well.  The images blew my mind.


I can’t believe our luck in finding you and will be telling your services from the mountain top!  I told my mom and my sister about you and my sister may call you for a pregnancy photo (she is due in April). (Kat – MUA) was great – I would have thought we could have done it without an artist – now I am SO glad I didn’t try to do it myself – she was great.  We had a blast – didn’t realize how much fun it was going to be.  I thank you for making this an AMAZING experience – Patrick is already back in Iraq – we will talk about your kindness and professionalism for years to come.  You are a dream to work with Mark – don’t change a thing.

Renee (Germany)

This being my first session, Mark certainly had his work cut out for him.  Prior to the session my emails were answered promptly and any questions I had (however silly they were) were answered professionally.  His enthusiasm and determination to get just the right pose impressed me.  I was comfortable in the studio with the casual yet professional atmosphere.  It felt like I was in a room in my own home. Having the makeup artist (Lisa) there was a big help.  She cheered me on and helped calm the nerves.  I didn’t know what to expect, but to me she was fantastic!

Sandy M.


Mark, again, thank you for everything. Fred is thrilled with the pictures and I am so appreciative that your personality and demeanor allowed me to feel comfortable enough to give him something that he will always treasure. You are a true professional and a genuinely nice person.


I liked how Mark explained everything in the beginning.  Pictures and samples were  shown to me in order to determine what I would like out of the photo session.  Everything was done step by step and 100% professionalism.  I was comfortable throughout the entire session and would highly recommend his work. It was a fun experience. Mark does beautiful work and exceeded my expectations.


Thank you so much for yesterday. You were wonderful to work with … so patient, so talented! You really knew how to get me to relax and brought out the “natural” side of me.
Megan (Florida)

I was VERY comfortable in Mark’s studio.  I had a ton of fun with everyone.  The images that were taken are wonderful.

Ashley B.

It was a genuine pleasure working with Mark. Not only was he professional, courteous and considerate, he also provided his expertise in terms of poses to disguise my flaws and guidance for my desired “look”. The photographic “enhancements” were far beyond anything I expected. Mark made a private and personal photographic gift a comfortable experience.


Were you made to feel comfortable in your photo session? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a great time and truly enjoyed having my pictures taken. This is the first time I have felt truly at ease with someone telling me what to do for a photograph. It was honestly a great experience and the results were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would love to possibly get a profile together for the website sometime! THANK YOU SO MUCH Mark! The pictures are great.

Shannon T. (Tenn.)

I would first start out by thanking you again for an amazing photo session! It was my first, as you know, and you made the experience more comfortable than I had been nervously anticipating. I look forward to future work with you, and will most definitely give you high regards in the referral department. As for now, I look forward to using my beautiful photos to further my acting career. See you soon!


I was very pleased with how personable and yet totally professional Mark is. In working with different photographers in the past, I must say that it is difficult to find a balance of just being yourself and also being very good at what you do and totally enjoying it. In having this capability you can’t help but have a wonderful time working with Mark. Aside from having a wonderful personality, Mark made me feel very at home.


Mark is totally professional. He has a knack for making you feel comfortable and coaching you into a portrait position. It was not just a photo shoot – I felt as if I were visiting an old friend! I enjoyed the shoot from start to finish. When I arrived everything was set up and ready to go… anything shot in the studio will be able to be viewed instantly when shot with the D1X digital camera…this allows you to change anything you see fit for the next shot. I did not know what to expect from the photographs because I had never seen Mark’s book, but bottom line… some of Mark’s work turned out better than the photos of me shot by photographers published in W and Gentlemen’s Options. I was totally comfortable during the entire session…

Bryce (NY)

Mark Anderson worked very professionally. He made me feel confident in my work and also made me feel very comfortable. He is very easy to work with an strives to get the results that you are looking for. He truly is a real gentleman and fun to work with!